Looking ahead from Week One

Thanks again for lots of hits and an enthusiastic response. I’m hoping to keep things lively next week with some commentaries on current HLP/tenure related events including the following:

  • The groundbreaking recent decision by the African Human Rights Commission in CEMIRIDE and MRG International on behalf of the Endorois Welfare Council v. Kenya. I will discuss what this decision may portend for the ongoing development of international law and standards on protection of property rights and …
  • …TN’s first guest blogger, land rights expert and Kenya afficionado Chris Huggins will take up the national and regional implications of the decision. For those of you who have not met Chris, I can commend his homepage, with links to his current publications and his past observations on land conflict in Kenya.
  • I will also devote some attention to the very interesting provisions of the revised Framework on Durable Solutions for IDPs, which address issues ranging from recovery and restitution of property to broader reparations as well as prospective guarantees of an adequate standard of living.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite any other TN readers to consider stepping in as guest bloggers. I’ll be approaching some of you with specific topics in mind in the next days and weeks, but please don’t hesitate to come forward yourselves, particularly where you have insights on an emerging situation or a new report, legal text, court decision, etc. that we should all be aware of.

Finally, watch the space in the right column, as I am now fixing to start uploading lots of links and try to make this site as useful a research tool as possible.

Good weekend!

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