Don’t be shy…

On a quick administrative note, I wanted to thank my faithful readers but encourage them to more actively use this blog. Some things I have in mind are the following:

  • Please feel free to comment on the posts. I am happy to report that I am still getting very good readership with between about ten and thirty hits on an average weekday. However, the number of comments has been low and it can feel a bit like an echo chamber sometimes. If you have a personal anecdote or a link to an interesting text to add, if you like what I’m saying or if it gives you agita, please don’t hesitate to let me and other readers know by dashing off a comment.
  • Sign up to be emailed when new postings are put up (see the right sidebar at the top).
  • Let me know by email ( if there are issues you think I should be covering or documents and resources I should be posting. I am planning to try to ramp up my links over the next weeks, perhaps on a separate page broken down by topic and region (Dragan, thanks for your suggestion and it’s on my to do list).
  • Guest blog – many of you are in a far better position than me to comment on new developments from the thick of the field as well as the lofty heights of Geneva, Brussels, DC, etc. If you have particular insights on such developments that you would like to share, feel free to contact me – I would generally welcome anything quite broadly HLP-related and am not fussy about formatting and length.

Hope to hear more from you soon!

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