Daily Archives: March 7, 2010

More to come on property issues in post-election Iraq

Just a quick update on Sunday evening, at which time it appears that sporadic but significant violence in Iraq was shrugged off, with high turnout throughout the country. Following up on my last post, I should refer readers to an interesting comment in response by Peter van der Auweraert, who pointed out that the law on pre-2003 restitution was amended just before the election – and apparently not in an entirely constructive manner.

For more background, it is worth reading an excellent report on property issues in Iraq by Peter together with Debbie Isser at USIP. And for those who can’t resist the lure of legal prose, the laws leading up to the amendments Peter references include the original regulations by the Coalition Provisional Authority (numbers 4, 8 and 12) as well as the 2006 Iraqi law which continued the process begun under the prior CPA regs while amending their terms considerably. It is the latter law which was apparently recently amended.