Guest blogger Peter van der Auweraert on Iraq restitution

It’s a pleasure to announce an upcoming guest posting by Peter van der Auweraert of the IOM Reparations Programmes. As discussed in postings from last Friday and Sunday, Peter is an expert on property issues in Iraq and has worked closely with the Iraq Commission for Resolution of Real Property Disputes (CRRPD), the body responsible for addressing pre-2003 restitution claims. Peter will be focusing on an issue he raised in response to Friday’s post, namely the significance of amendments to the CRRPD’s organic law that were passed just before last weekend’s parliamentary elections.

As an administrative aside, I gather that some of you may have been put off from commenting on earlier posts by the formalities apparently involved. As I understand it, the first time anyone comments, the text is put in a queue to await my personal approval. Once you have passed my rigorous inspection (no split infinitives, please) for the first time, all your subsequent comments will apparently be posted without any such rigamarole.

3 responses to “Guest blogger Peter van der Auweraert on Iraq restitution

  1. Samim KHULUSI

    What is the appropriate course od action to try and return property (land and buildings) fraudulently sold during the violence in Iraq since 2003. What is the responsible Iraqi Government Ministry or Department? Are there any national or international agencies that can assist?

    Kind Regards

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