TN at two months

I thought I might take the occasion of TN turning two months to do a short state of the blog report. Its been a pretty lively time with forty posts to date. That’s probably a bit of a fast pace, and rest assured that any spelling or grammatical howlers you’ve seen probably result from the fact that I tend to write between the kids’ bedtime and a bit past my own.

As readers will have noted, an uptick in my consultancy work this week has thrown me a bit off my game, and I’ll probably have to keep my aims a bit modest this Spring as I’ve got some travel coming up. If you would like to wait and be informed when new posts come along, feel free to sign up for the email notification service (in the right column towards the top).

All that said, I’m happy to report that hits have been high. Totals were 566 in February and 734 in March, with over 125 viewers so far this month. However, I would still like to stir up a bit more in the way of comments. Maybe I’m not being provocative enough (they beat that out of you in law school), maybe I’m not being coherent (that suffers too), or maybe the procedures for leaving comments are a bit too daunting on this host site. But if you like what I’m writing, if you hate it or if you have anything to add, please don’t hesitate.

The same goes for guest-posting. I know there are a lot of you out there with lots of exclusive insights and little time – and I would like to issue you a standing invitation to use this blog as a way to get your message out quickly without having to fuss with too much formatting.

In terms of content, I want to first thank the three great guest bloggers I’ve had to date – Chris Huggins on indigenous groups’ land claims in the Great Lakes region, Peter van der Auweraert on new legislative developments in Iraqi restitution, and Barbara McCallin on land reform and the claims of displaced persons in Cote d’Ivoire. All three postings have gotten great reviews and drawn a disproportionately high number of hits.

Other content has focused on land and property issues in various countries, including Burma, Chile, Haiti, Iraq, Sudan, the USA, and – in an admittedly only distantly related to property issues vein – Serbia.  I’ve also posted some more general fulminations on human rights, disaster risk reduction, durable solutions to displacement, the role of peacekeepers in resolving post-conflict property disputes, and rights-based approaches to urban evictions. Other postings have provided description and analysis of new standards and jurisprudence in the area, including new European standards on restitution, the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights’ decision in the ‘Endorois case’, and a new ‘Framework for Durable Solutions’ for internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Its been a lot of fun so far and I think its safe to say that this blog has legs. So, thanks to all of you for checking it out and particular thanks to those of you who have gotten back to me, both in comments and by email, and let me know that you have enjoyed the content. Having a soapbox is nice, but making it useful is what I aspire to.

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