Pinheiro passed over for Croatian candidate

Late last March I posted on how Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, the author of the famous restitution principles, was a finalist candidate for the new Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights post at UN Headquarters in New York. Turtle Bay more recently reported that the honors went to Ivan Simonovic, a Croatian politician who has been associated with the nationalist former President Franjo Tudjman, and whose current stint as Justice Minister has drawn criticism from Amnesty International for failure to aggressively pursue war crimes prosecutions. Mr. Simonovic has undoubtedly been thoroughly vetted and defended his human rights record in an interview last Friday with Turtle Bay. However, given the policy of some of Mr. Simonovic’s political mentors of ridding the country of much of its Serb minority, one can only hope he himself would have a few good things to say about the Pinheiro Principles in a candid moment after a round or two of rakija…

4 responses to “Pinheiro passed over for Croatian candidate

  1. oh dear god. A bolje sutra, I guess?

  2. Mmmh… as I was reading your blog, it reminded me of the appointment of Ayala Lasso and in fact the article on Turtle Bay refers exactly to that episode. Not only Pinheiro, but also Juan Mendez were the candidates, two names that do not require further discussions. Hopefully Mr. Simonovic won’t have any animosities towards Mr. Pinheiro, or any other reason, to undermine the application of Principle 16 of the Pinheiro principles…..

  3. Well, for starters, you can’t undermine it until you start to apply it…

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