Daily Archives: May 25, 2010

Online events – disaster-proofing housing and the development effect of agriculture

I have a very poor record of “attending” online seminars, but two interesting ones are coming up in the next fortnight and deserved a plug.

First, the Virginia (USA)-based Center for Housing Policy will have a “webinar” this Friday, May 28, highlighting its new “online toolkit to highlight the need for greater proactive mitigation measures for homes in areas vulnerable to natural disasters.” The event is likely to be particularly oriented toward authorities and advocates in the US, but may well have a degree of international resonance, in particular by way of its focus on “ways to help lower income families pay for upgrades and retrofits that can make their homes more resilient to disasters.”

Second, the UN University in New York will hold a web-cast book launch event next week Wednesday for “The (Evolving) Role of Agriculture in Poverty Reduction: An Empirical Perspective” by Luc Christiaensen, Senior Research Fellow at UNU-WIDER, Helsinki, Finland. Mr. Christiaensen will lecture on the effects of investment in agriculture in the developing world: Continue reading