Daily Archives: August 3, 2010

Guardian preview of World Bank report on the Global Land Rush

A brief note to highlight the Guardian’s recent article indicating that a forthcoming World Bank report on the global land rush (on which, see Chris Huggins’ excellent past posting here) is likely to be quite  critical. The diagnosis is unlikely to be particularly surprising, as it seems the report confirms that foreign investors are targeting countries with weak institutions in order to cut deals that crowd out local farmers. In some senses, this represents an external variant of the problems of predatory approaches to land administration I blogged on recently in Cambodia. And the fact that the World Bank has been criticized for having been passively complicit there in the type of practices it is thought likely to criticize in its forthcoming land rush report demonstrates a basic dilemma – the fact that governments that violate land rights in the present are still the only institutions that offer a realistic hope of securing them in the future.