Daily Archives: October 14, 2010

Second USIP ‘Land, Property and Conflict Course’ coming in December

After a well-received first run last June, the US Institute of Peace will be holding its second course on ‘Land, Property and Conflict’ from December 13-16 in Washington, D.C. As before, the facilitators will be Deborah Isser, Senior Rule of Law Advisor at USIP and Peter van der Auweraert, IOM Senior Legal Advisor and past TN guest blogger. Contributing with lectures and discussion will be myself, fellow consultant and accomplished humanitarian commentator Conor Foley, and land tenure expert extraordinaire John Bruce.

Based on feedback from last June, the course has been expanded to four days with mixed lectures, discussion and group work. If you are interested in participating, a full overview of the course and application details are available at this link:

The USIP Land, Property and Conflict Course aims to provide practitioners with analytical tools for assessing and addressing an array of complex land and property disputes, from competing ownership claims and restitution to customary land rights and illegal urban settlements.  Drawing on case studies of peace operations and peacebuilding efforts, participants explore the range of entry points (humanitarian, human rights, state-building, development etc.) and options for dispute resolution and structural reform.  The course is tailored to professionals who work on conflict management and peacebuilding, whether they come from a legal, development, military, government, NGO, international organization, private sector or academic background.