New guest postings – Sebastián Albuja on Colombia restitution & Natalie Bugalski on Cambodia resettlement

I’m happy to announce two very interesting guest postings coming this week.

First: first-time TN guest-blogger Sebastián Albuja will be launching a new report he helped to prepare on restitution issues in Colombia in his capacity as a country analyst for the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC). The post will include observations on a number of specific articles of the new restitution bill (previously posted on here); for those of you with a particular interest and working knowledge of Spanish, feel free to cross-reference the text of the bill, which I have added to the new resources page of this blog.

And second, second-time TN guest-blogger Natalie Bugalski will be writing on the findings of a NGO investigation she participated in on resettlement of project-affected persons in Cambodia. The background is given in a recent article in the Age, which focuses on the tragic drowning deaths of two small children sent to collect water in a local pond because no water was available at the site where they had been resettled.

Given that the resettlement was undertaken in aid of a rail project underwritten by AusAID and the Asian Development Bank, the conditions that led to the deaths of the two children – and which continue to be endured by their community – should never have arisen. In this light, it is hard to know what is sadder – the unnecessary deaths of the children or the fact that it takes such a tragedy to draw attention to the *ordinary* suffering of thousands of others caught up in Cambodia’s development-induced displacement purgatory.

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