Daily Archives: February 24, 2011

‘Bosnia Remade’ and beyond

by Gerard Toal

Thank you Rhodri for giving me the opportunity to post on Terra Nullius. You’ve created a great resource here and I look forward to exploring the archives further. There’s much to write so I’ll be brief:

1. Rhodri has already pointed to the European Affairs pieces; I hadn’t read TGC’s piece before the interview but I have to say I’m somewhat baffled at how the ‘partition is the solution’ storyline can emerge from a libertarian think tank supposedly dedicated to individual not group liberty. I think there’s an explanation but it has more to do with US domestic politics and very little to do with any deep understanding of BiH (much of US foreign policy discourse is like this). STRATFOR piece on BiH was a shaky as their whole ‘geopolitical analysis’ enterprise: I had to point out to European Affairs that what they had written as ‘high commissioner’ should be ‘high representative.’

2. The book Bosnia Remade which I co-authored with Carl Dahlman is now out and available (Oxford, 2011). Its been in the works for about 8 years and for various reasons got delayed and delayed. The core of the book is the research we did in BiH between 2002 and 2005 on how the implementation of Annex 7 was unfolding in three BiH localities: Zvornik, Doboj and Jajce. Since 2002 we started publishing aspects of this, writing a total of 10 papers (available on the website bosniaremade.org under ‘Other Publications’). We could have left it there but I’ve always wanted to read a book on BiH that would tell the story of its transformation from before the war to today in a way that did not reproduce the categories of the warring parties.

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