Daily Archives: July 30, 2011

Introducing the Journal of Internal Displacement

by Veronica P. Fynn

Veronica P. Fynn is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Internal Displacement

Migration within borders has become a major global health concern as people are forced to leave their place of habitual residence because of war, internal conflict, development, poverty, natural disasters, modernization, climate change, poor governance and more. Providing protection and assistance to this unique yet complex group of people has become a topic of debate as the international human rights regime grapples with not only whose responsibility it is to protect but also whether the creation of a new internal displacement law is necessary and timely.

To date there is no journal existing to advance debates and scholarship on the plight of internally displaced people around the world, hence the birth of the Journal of Internal Displacement (JID). The JID aims to raise the profile of internally displaced persons by creating a platform whereby both scholars and non-scholars primarily interested in the topic can disseminate and exchange ideas on issues pertinent to this group.  Since its launch in July 2009, the JID has attracted a wide range of readership including (but not limited to) academics, researchers, lawyers, doctors, students, psychologists, journalists, advocates, policy-makers, individuals as well as members of diverse public and private institutions.

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