Daily Archives: August 9, 2011

Breaking news: World Bank funding to Cambodia frozen over forced evictions in Phnom Penh

by Rhodri C. Williams

Today’s edition of the Cambodia Daily carries the news that the World Bank has confirmed suspending funding for new projects in Cambodia pending the conclusion of an agreement between the Government of Cambodia and remaining residents of the Boeung Kak Lake district of Phnom Penh that would allow for them to be re-housed on site.

This development marks the continued escalation of a longstanding controversy over the Cambodian Government’s legally dubious evictions of the residents of Boeung Kak. As described in previous TN postings, criticism of these and other similar urban forced evictions led the Government of Cambodia to pull the plug on a multi-million dollar World Bank-supported titling program, while simultaneously embroiling the Bank’s own country team in proceedings before the body’s Inspection Panel over charges that the same program had violated longstanding policies on involuntary resettlement.

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