Guest-posting by Erica Harper on new IDLO customary justice books

I am very pleased to announce that Erica Harper, Senior Rule of Law Advisor at the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), will shortly be guest-posting at TN. The topic will be a set of three books recently released by the IDLO on customary justice (all of which are available for free download as .pdfs at the above link). In her posting, Ms. Harper will address both the general issues explored by the volumes and their specific implications for land practitioners.  A little further ahead, we are looking forward to guest-postings by Rachael Knight, a contributor to the customary justice books and manager of an IDLO project on Community Land Titling that just released reports related to Liberia, Mozambique and Uganda.

Work with customary norms and community-level institutions reflect both the potential and the complications inherent in housing, land and property (HLP) work in a world where development expertise has destabilized some of the late 1990s certainties reflected in documents such as the Pinheiro Principles – but without necessarily replacing them with new ones. They are also burningly relevant as the agrarian communities most dependent on land find themselves increasingly threatened by large-scale investment and natural resource concession trends.

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