TN turns two!

by Rhodri C. Williams

Thanks to readers, commentators and guest authors alike for another great year. In the interest of providing the briefest imaginable stockholder report, I will try to illustrate just a few key trends since our little blog turned one last year.

First, hits are steadily going up from a total of 12,500 a year ago to precisely 29,000 now, or about a 25% increase. Not stratospheric, but no risk of a bubble either! Second, and maybe even more reassuring, this growth comes when the overall rate of posting has slowed from the occasionally frenetic pace of year one (120 posts or ten per month) to something a bit more manageable (around 90 posts this year). Meanwhile, guest-postings leveled out with 17 registered last year, followed by 15 this year, along with some interesting cross-postings from Landesa’s Field Focus blog.

In order to give TN’s prolific guest authors the props they deserve, I have set up a new tab that includes an alphabetical directory of all who have contributed to date, along with links to their respective pieces. And in order to encourage both regulars and first-timers to consider writing guest posts, I’ve also laid on some fairly non-demanding guidelines on how to go about proposing and writing pieces on TN.

Its been a very enjoyable year for me, and one where the blog itself has branched out considerably from its narrow initial base of post-conflict housing, land and property (HLP) issues. As I mentioned at the turn of the year, the most significant developments have come in response to the Arab Spring, with more systematic attention being given to the territorial aspects of minority rights and self-determination issues (in the MENA region – see links below – and beyond).

However, many recent guest-bloggers have also explored development and conflict prevention-related lines of inquiry, and I have also made a few forays into broader questions of social and economic rights (particularly in the Swedish context) and citizenship. So, thanks once again to everyone who has contributed in small ways and large and I look forward to seeing what the next twelve months brings.


Here is a sampling of some recent more general postings on territorial and land aspects of self-determination and minority rights debates:

Then a few pieces on specific MENA minorities – lots on nomads from the Negev to Western Sahara:

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