Daily Archives: February 14, 2012

Humanitarian spacebook

TN readers working on humanitarian assistance and development cooperation issues may be interested to know that there is now a serious but not solemn place on the web for them to exchange practice pointers and cooking tips. Aid Source bills itself as a humanitarian social network that is “fun, super cool, and counts as work”. I just established myself there and have proposed to help set up a working group on HLP issues, so feel free to “like” that idea upon arrival…

UPDATE – Pursuant to Chris Huggins’ eminently sensible suggestion that my proposal to start an HLP WG should actually be visible somewhere on the Aid Source site, I have now contrived to initiate a discussion on the topic. Feel free to wade in.

FURTHER UPDATE – After one week, my discussion topic has garnered a grand total of six views and no responses. As a result, I have decided to go with the flow and join the foodies group!