Daily Archives: May 3, 2012

Vivianna Nyroos

On a note both personal and professional, I would like to mark the passing of a dear friend and colleague, Vivianna Nyroos.

Vivianna’s life tracked my own in many ways – she grew up on Åland in my wife’s generation and both came to work in Bosnia in my generation of post-Cold War idealists. Her subsequent career in Copenhagen was subject to the same dilemmas as mine in Stockholm, the balancing of the need to live where the family is and to work where the issues are, the coming to terms with the possibilities and limitations of expat life. But on top of these issues, Vivianna battled recurrent cancer with a quiet, cheerful determination that was wondrous to behold. Yesterday it took her away.

Vivianna had long worked for MSF in Copenhagen but just taken on a challenging new job with the Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims. She and her family had moved out of a tiny attic apartment in Copenhagen to more spacious digs and begun renovating her family’s summer place on Åland. She had built a life and her untimely removal from it is an unspeakably cruel blow to her and everyone around her.