Happy Holidays from TN

It’s been another great year with TN, which feels a little more like an old shoe than a new project now as we creep up on three years. And that, dear readers, is entirely to your credit. Hit numbers keep ticking up and we’ve seen bumps in both guest-postings and comments, which I am always grateful for even when I occasionally take issue with them (znaci, sretan ti bozic i hvala i tebi, istina voda duboka).

Worth noting that total hits are now creeping up close to 48,000. Would be fun to see how close we can get to 50,000 by the time of TN’s third birthday, on February 8 next year. But hope all of you readers with the geographical preconditions and cultural excuses for doing so get a good rest in the meantime!

2 responses to “Happy Holidays from TN

  1. Dr. Jeffrey C. Williams

    Thank you for the thoughtful, incisive commentaries I read here. Though my perspective on the blog is inevitably shaped by the fact that my son is in charge of it, I think its quality and significance are remarkable. Happy early third birthday!

  2. All the best for the Holiday Season to all – keep up the dialog!:-)

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