TN turns three!

I would like to mark another year of blogging with a huge thanks to the many readers, guest-bloggers and commenters who have brought life to these pages. At three years old, TN is starting to look like a blue chip blog, with dependable, steady growth, a loyal readership, and no dramatic swings either way. In times like these, thats hardly the worst you could say of a weblog.

This year brought a touch over 20,000 hits, or 20% growth over last year (which in turn was up 25% from the year before). The total hits on the blog so far are about 49,300, which is probably about what Justin Bieber’s fansite gets every two minutes, but hey, we know we’re more interesting, right? The overall rate of posting is steady with about 80 posts this year, down slightly from 90 last year. Happily, guest postings jumped a notch to 25 (from 15 last year and 17 the year before).

For me, the energy put into these guest posts and the generosity of their authors are the most rewarding thing about running a blog. The ‘housing, land and property’ field sometimes feels like a large assembly of small parallel conversations. TN will never be capable of capturing the richness of all these discourses in anything like their entirety, but its nice to think that this may be becoming a space where both experts and newcomers to the field may be able to get a sense of what the others are talking about and how to get involved.

Other high points this year included doing my paltry best to make last year’s Eurovision contest uncomfortable for its autocratic hosts, guest-posting on Mark Kersten’s excellent Justice in Conflict blog, running a poll to be sure TN readers understood the name of this blog in its intended sense, expressing my amazement at the US tax service’s decision to further complicate the tangled lives of its citizens abroad, and putting my oar in once again on Cambodia’s land grab debate. An undoubted low point was being subjected to censorship for the first time, with a valued guest contributor forced to pull a much praised and timely piece.

Onward to year 4.

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