Upcoming discussion of restitution at Stockholm University

Just a quick note to say I will be giving a talk on the right of restitution in two weeks at the Stockholm Center for International Law and Justice. Any TN readers locally-based or passing through are welcome to join!

SCILJ V Rhodri 6 oktober copy 2

3 responses to “Upcoming discussion of restitution at Stockholm University

  1. As the Chair of Endorois Welfare Council in Kenya, the word ‘restitution’ gives us mixed feelings. We celebrated it following the African Commission ruling in 2010. Four years down the line, nothing much has happened. However, today something exciting happened: the government has appointed the chair of the taskforce on Endorois decision. We are waiting to see their TORs. We welcome partners, ideas and support.

  2. Hi Sam, that is very good news indeed. One of a number of salient criticisms of international advocacy for restitution in the late 1990s and early 2000s has been precisely that it raised very high expectations of justice on the part of vulnerable displaced groups – like the Endorois community, but also, e.g. Palestinians, many Cypriots, Serbs from Croatia and Kosovo, Georgians from the breakaway regions, etc., etc. When these expectations are not quickly met due to predictable political resistance, this can undermine confidence in national institutions and international standards alike, ironically weakening their ability to promote positive changes. It is important to be persistent, focused and concrete. In that sense, you are quite right that the appointment of the chair is significant. One more step on a long path.

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