Guest author directory

Sebastián Albuja
Judicial oversight and the end of displacement in Colombia (12 January 2012)
– Colombia passes a Victim’s Law promising land restitution and broader redress (01 June 2011)
– IDMC report: Colombia restitution bill represents significant progress but concerns remain (11 November 2010)
The Colombia restitution bill (22 September 2010)

Yulia Aliyeva
– Can you be internally displaced for twenty years? Housing issues and protracted displacement in Azerbaijan (12 September 2012)

Fernanda Almeida
– What Rights? Comparing developing countries’ national legislation on community forest tenure rights (11 June 2012)

Mike Asplet and Megan Bradley
– The Kampala Convention on internal displacement in Africa: What does it mean for housing, land and property restitution? (25 October 2012)

Megan J. Ballard
Note from the field: Colombia’s new Victims’ Law in context (09 June 2011)
– Bridging the scholar-practitioner gap with dialogue: Megan J. Ballard responds to Massimo Moratti (14 February 2011)

Douglas Batson
– Land and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: A new global standard for land administration (25 April 2013)

John W. Bruce
Avoiding conflict through early and effective management of land disputes (07 October 2011)

Natalie Bugalski
– The ADB involuntary resettlement policy: Fifteen years on, the poorest still bear the brunt of development (23 February 2012)
– Tracking aid in Cambodia: Monitoring the resettlement impacts of the Railways Rehabilitation Project (03 January 2011)
– The World Bank struggles with its resettlement policy in Cambodia (16 August 2010)

Natalie Bugalski and David Pred
– Cambodian mothers and grandmothers behind bars after facing off the most powerful men in the region: Will the World Bank stand by them? (29 May 2012)

Alexandre Corriveau-Bourque
– What future for reform? Tracking changes in forest tenure since 2002 (17 April 2014)
– Liberia’s ‘Peace Imperative’ – can it undermine tenure security? An introductory commentary to the NRC report ‘Confusions and Palava’ (03 May 2010)

Marcus Cox
Letter from Kyrgyzstan – Why the referendum should go forward (22 June 2010)

Laura Cunial
– Norwegian Refugee Council releases new Housing, Land and Property training course (28 May 2012)

Paula Defensor Knack
– Land and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: The Peace Deal for Mindanao and its lessons for practitioners of environmental peacebuilding (10 April 2014)

David Deng
– Investment-related conflict in South Sudan: contested rights and the power of information (09 February 2012)

Roger Duthie and Megan Bradley
– Doing justice for refugees and IDPs? Confronting displacement through transitional justice (17 September 2012)

Elizabeth Ferris, Erin Mooney and Chareen Stark
– From National Responsibility to Response – Part II: IDPs’ Housing, Land and Property Rights (22 February 2012)
 From National Responsibility to Response – Part I: General Conclusions on IDP Protection (21 February 2012)

Nicholas A. Fromherz
An inconvenient forum: Thoughts on the Chevron-Ecuador Case (30 March 2012)
Waking from a dream in Bolivia: The TIPNIS victory that never was (20 February 2012)

Veronica P. Fynn
Introducing the Journal of Internal Displacement (30 July 2011)

Anne-Kathrin Glatz
Land issues at the core of ethnic violence and internal displacement in north-east India (16 December 2011)

Erica Harper
– Understanding the outcomes of customary justice: implications for land practitioners (23 November 2011)

Khaled Hassine
– Coping with the realities of climate displacement: The Peninsular Principles (10 December 2013)

Åsa Henriksson
Report alleging corporate complicity in Sudan oil abuses hits home in Sweden (23 June 2010)

Guido van Heugten
– Post-conflict property restitution in Kosovo: A continuing challenge (23 November 2012)

Chris Huggins
Land, power and identity in complex cross-border areas: Eastern DRC (16 February 2011)
– The Commercial ‘Land Rush’ – human rights-based versus corporate social responsibility models (23 May 2010)
The significance of the “Endorois Decision” for Kenya and East Africa (16 February 2010)

Kyrgyzstan property issues update, part 2 – Unen-durable Solutions (28 November 2012)
– Kyrgyzstan property issues update, part 1 – Who’s afraid of the big bad master plan? Rebuilding Osh’s mahallahs in brick (27 November 2012)
Briefing on property issues in southern Kyrgyzstan (09 November 2011)

Rachael Knight
– Empowering communities to document and protect their land claims: A solution to the global land grab? (19 July 2012)

Rachael Knight, Naomi Roht-Arriaza and Melissa Riess-James
Legal precedents for fighting dispossession of land – the Community Land Rights CaseBase (07 April 2015)

Esteban Leon
– Land issues and natural disasters: introducing a new guidance for practitioners (18 June 2010)

Rebecca Marlin
– “The Endorois decision” – Four years on, the Endorois still await action by the Government of Kenya (23 September 2014)

Leticia Marques Osorio and César Augusto Baldi
Supreme Court of Brazil to rule over Quilombo communities’ rights to land – arguments for a protective approach (29 July 2010)

Milica Matijevic and Massimo Moratti
– Mainstreaming IDP principles in capacity building efforts: A chance missed in Kosovo (13 July 2012)
– In search of a duty-bearer: No remedy for destruction of property during Kosovo’s international supervision (15 May 2012)

Barbara McCallin
– Côte d’Ivoire: land reform as a substitute mechanism for restitution to displaced persons (25 March 2010)

Massimo Moratti
– Lost in transition – EU financed legal aid programme between Serbia and Kosovo falters (29 August 2016)
– The Kosovo Constitutional Court on displaced persons’ property rights: Can mediation ever count as enforcement? (23 May 2014)
– The Human Rights Advisory Panel holds the UN in Kosovo responsible for failing to investigate forced disappearances – too little, too late? (11 March 2013)
– Addressing systemic obstacles to restitution in Kosovo: Legal aid as a fact finding tool (23 March 2012)
– Evictions and cookie cutter approaches to restitution: a response to Megan J. Ballard (09 February 2011)
– Half full or half empty? Reflections on restitution and return in Bosnia by a returned expat (01 June 2010)

Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili
– Land and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: Customary governance, property rights, and state building in Afghanistan (08 May 2013)

Sharmala Naidoo and Szilard Fricska
– Why land matters for mine action (29 October 2012)

Anouska Perram
– Defining communities in Colombia: the Afro-descendant communities of Curvaradó and Jiguamiandó and communal land rights (08 April 2013)

David Pred
– Is the European Commission sweet on land grabbing? Trade benefits, sugarcane concessions and dispossession in Cambodia (23 July 2012)

David Pred and Natalie Bugalski
– Will the World Bank safeguard human rights in its new high-risk strategy (31 October 2013)
– Safeguarding land rights: An opportunity for the World Bank to lead (13 April 2013)
– The World Bank must stop underwriting human rights abuses in Ethiopia (21 March 2013)

Shane Quinn
– Local governance in Somalia – New emperor in old clothes? (18 April 2012)
– Regional advocacy on the UN human rights mapping exercise in the Democratic Republic of Congo (08 February 2011)

Nelson Camilo Sánchez and Ilan Grapel
– Land reform in Colombia: One step forward, two steps back (26 November 2013)

Clara Sandoval
– Chile and the unfinished business of justice and reparation (11 December 2013)

Halisa Skopljak
– Unfinished business: Why return issues remain relevant in the process of European integration (03 April 2012)

Anneke Smit
– Beyond restitution: New book explores property rights and durable solutions for the displaced (26 September 2012)

Anneke Smit and Gloria Huh
Proposals to allow private ownership of First Nations’ land spur debate in Canada (16 January 2012)

Caleb Stevens
– Draft Land Rights Policy Statement by the Land Commission of Liberia (26 November 2012)

Dan E. Stigall
– Land and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: The durability of Middle Eastern Civil Codes and durable solutions to displacement (26 September 2013)

Christopher Thornton
– Pinheiro and the political philosophers: Achieving justice through post-conflict property restitution (06 March 2012)

Gerald Toal
‘Bosnia Remade’ and beyond (24 February 2011)

Jon Unruh
– Clearing the way forward: mine action and post-conflict land issues (03 March 2011)

Peter van der Auweraert
– Iraq updates its approach to former regime-related land and property claims (11 March 2010)

Nadine Walicki
Housing, land and property issues obstruct integration of IDPs in protracted displacement (15 June 2011)

Christina Williams
– Land grabs jeopardize peace in Sri Lanka (07 April 2014)

Shaun Williams
Promoting equity through improved urban state land governance (19 January 2012)

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