Guest author guidelines

I usually start by saying that there really are not any strict guidelines as such. That has been the case from the beginning and has served the blog well.

If you have an HLP-related idea you would like to air or an observation you would like to solicit feedback on, let me know. It is very unusual so far that I would turn a guest post proposal down, and that has usually been because it has been a topic that is beyond the (fairly broad) bounds of this blog.

Proposals to guest-blog anonymously will not be rejected out of hand, but if it is at all possible to write what you want to under your own name, that is much preferred. It is always helpful if first-time guest-bloggers can provide a short bio paragraph.

In terms of tone, blog postings can be as formal or as ‘chatty’ as the nature of the topic and the disposition of the author dictate. It should go without saying that while constructively critical pieces are welcome, gratuitous potshots or ad hominem attacks are not. In cases in which one guest author criticizes someone else’s HLP work or public viewpoints, I will try to give the latter a chance to reply.

As a general guide, short paragraphs read better in blog format. For non-native English speakers and others that simply prefer, I am happy to help out with a bit of light copy-editing. And perhaps most crucially, the one thing I do ask is that hyperlinks or URLs be provided for all texts, organisations, etc. referred to in the piece that can be accessed online.

TN has no strictures whatsoever on overall length. A simple rule of thumb is that with longer pieces, I usually insert a jump cut after the third or fourth paragraph. The advantage to jump cuts is that they allow me to count how many readers clicked on your specific posting (in the case of shorter posts, they can read it off of the main page in its entirety), so feel free to wax loquacious. If the piece gets very long and there is a natural break we can always run it in installments.

Once we agree on a topic and an approximate timeline, I usually run an announcement a few days to a week in advance in order to generate interest. I will also do my level best (subject to time constraints) to provide feedback on hits and comments received.

For inspiration, feel free to leaf through the wide variety of past guest posts available on the TN guest author directory.

Any more questions – please feel free to contact me (

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