2012-07 World Bank displacement – Call for cases

As a contribution to the campaign now getting underway to influence the upcoming World Bank safeguards review, Inclusive Development International (IDI) and Bank Information Center (BIC) are collecting case studies and testimonies from around the world that illustrate how current Bank resettlement policy and practice is failing to prevent impoverishment and respect human rights.
The World Bank’s review of its Policy on Involuntary Resettlement is a critical opportunity for the movement against forced evictions in the name of development to advance our cause.  The case studies from around the world will provide important evidence from the ground for the campaign and bring the voices and experiences of affected people to the halls of power at the Bank and other development institutions that will be influenced by this process.
If you are aware of Bank-financed projects that have resulted in forced displacement and/or resettlement of people over the past ten years that you think should be highlighted by the campaign, we would like to hear about it!  We are particularly looking for cases that demonstrate:
  • How the language or content of the Policy needs to be strengthened in order to meet human rights standards.
  • How implementation of the Policy on the ground needs to be improved in order to respect, protect and fulfill human rights.
  • How the Policy needs to be applied to all World Bank-financed projects that affect land rights and cause displacement, including upstream and downstream  impacts of Bank-financed projects.
  • How the scope of the Policy needs to be extended so it applies to all World Bank lending instruments.
At this stage, we would like to know about projects that demonstrate any of the above.  We will then follow up on projects that highlight key failings of the policy and work with groups on the ground to collect testimonies, develop case studies and hopefully create a global video to give voice to those unjustly displaced by World Bank projects.
For those who aren’t already aware of the World Bank safeguards review, we have written up the attached simple one-page overview and call for cases.  We would greatly appreciate your assistance in helping us get this call out far and wide, including and especially to grassroots groups who are not on this list.  To make that possible, we are now working on translating the call into Hindi, Bengla, Bahasa, Arabic, French and Spanish.

If you have projects to share in English, please let me know.   

If you would like to help us disseminate the call to your networks in any of the above language regions and would like to receive a translated version, please contact the following focal persons:
Hindi and Bangla:  Joe Athialy – jathialy@bicusa.org
French:  Joshua Klemm – jklemm@bicusa.org
Spanish:  Christian Donaldson – cdonaldson@bicusa.org
Bahasa:  Amy Ekdawi – aekdawi@bicusa.org
Arabic:  Katelyn Gallagher – kgallagher@bicusa.org
For Bahasa Indonesia translation, please contact Nadia Hadad (nhadad@bicusa.org).
If anyone can help us out with more translations, we’d be very grateful!

David Pred

Inclusive Development International

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